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If you are looking for a job or need help finding a job you should look at the website of European Employment Services (EURES). Their aim is to facilitate the free movement of workers within the 17 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Residence permit:

EEA citizens are free to enter Iceland
for up to three months. For a longer stay you need to apply for a residence permit at the Directorate of Immigration 
You will then have to get a personal ID (Kennitala) at The National Register of Persons
. You must also register your new address there. When you have your kennitala you can apply for a tax card at the Internal Revenue.  You will also need a kennitala for opening a bank account. 
EEA nationals working and living in Iceland
have the same rights and obligations as Icelandic citizens. You can find more detailed info in the Icelandic Labour Law Handbook at the Icelandic Confederation of Labour.

Health insurance:
Insured citizens of EEA countries are entitled to benefits in kind which become necessary on medical grounds during a temporary stay in Iceland. You must remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you for a longer stay, from the first day, want to have the same rights as the Icelanders you have to bring an E-104 or E-119 form. For a short-term stay it is enough to bring an E-111 form, and then your insurance in your home country will be billed.
When you have brought the right forms, health insurance will be paid through your income tax. Further information is available at
The State Social Security Institute

Unemployment insurance: 
When moving from another EEA-country you can transfer your rights for unemployment benefits by filling in an E-301 form. This entitles you to the same rights as an Icelander when you happen to get unemployed and transfers your history of employment. You can get the form at the
Directorate of Labour. Your employer in your home country must write a declaration confirming your period of work

If you are already unemployed before you emigrate (for at least four weeks) you can continue to receive those benefits in Iceland for a maximum of three months. To do so you have to bring an E-303 form to your local unemployment office and register at the employment office in Iceland no later than 8 days after your arrival in Iceland.
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